Mel's Preffered Crab Spice


A few words about my spice:

Many of you already know how good my crab spice taste but, how many know that I developed the recipe by listening to you, the customer?  Over 12 years ago I started with the first recipe and listened to what people had to say about the taste.  Then I went back to the drawing board and changed the ingredients and listened to what my customers thought of its taste.  I changed the recipe four times before finally settling on what is today Mel's preffered crab spice.  Its robust flavor goes perfectly with crabs as well as shrimp, crawfish, mussels, any seafood!

   cooked crabs640.jpg (123942 bytes)

Click on this thumbnail to see Mel's Super Jumbos steamed to perfection
 and topped with his Preffered Crab Spice!

Price List


Six ounce bags are only $3.00 each.



J.O. 5 lb Spice buckets are $20.00 each.
This crab-house style spice is a little more
on the saltier side .



Mel's Preffered 5 lb Spice buckets are $23.00 each.
My original spicy blend!



*NOTE* all spice buckets have a handle for your carrying convenience!


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